HDPE Poly welding Fabrication

Poly welding fabrication has a wide variety of applications in the civil works construction industry, and this service could add immense value to your project. In NSW and beyond, polyethylene welding fabrication is a popular service because of its effectiveness and useful outcomes in pipe construction and maintenance.

You can expect reliable polyethylene welding from Blue Mountains Pipe and Civil as we have dedicated polyethylene pipe welding crews & equipment to service projects of all sizes & complexities. From irrigation to major infrastructure projects, our staff is trained and equipped to undertake HDPE pipeline projects for both Butt-Welding and Electrofusion Welding. Among our many other projects we offer and cater to:

  • HDPE Butt-Welding and Pipe Fabrication

Butt welding is an application that makes use of hydraulic jacks, aligners, and hot plates to join two pieces of pipe together. BMP Civil has all the tools and experience to offer effective HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) butt welding in NSW and beyond, and this process is often used in sewage pipes and chemical industry pipes.

  • Electrofusion Welding

This process makes use of a heating coil that is inside a moulded socket. Special fittings are moulded together using electrofusion to join two pieces of piping. This is used to join MDPE, HDPE and other plastic pipes. This is a safe way to mould materials together as it does not require an operator for the sophisticated equipment.

  • Extrusion Welding

Welding rods and advanced machinery is used to weld plastic together for specific purposes within the civil works construction industry. A welding machine will be used here to heat the plastic filler material and the base to join together seamlessly, forming a permanent bond.

Whatever your HDPE poly welding fabrication needs may be, the professional team at BMP Civil is sure to meet them with precision and care. Our cutting edge equipment, topped with our twenty years of experience, makes us the civil works construction company of choice for poly welding in NSW.

We offer you quality services, a trained and professional team, commitment to your time frames, and affordable prices. Our comprehensive services are executed with attention to detail to bring you desired outcomes that are made to last for many years to come.

Do you have any questions about our polyethylene pipe welding fabrication services? Get in touch with the team at BMP Civil today to book your spot.