Riverstone waste water Treatment Facility – Quay Civil

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Riverstone Waste Water Treatment Facility is another one of three plant upgrades for Lower South Creek Treatment Plant Facility program. Whilst initially contracted for service installation within brownfields our teams additionally completed:

Welding and installation of 1.5km of 2 x 90mm and 200mm polyethylene ring main consisting of potable water, recycled effluent and compressed air
Bulk and detailed excavation of CC Tank Including Under structure drainage in water charged grounds
Detail Excavations of inlet works, digester slabs and other various slabs within the project.
Shutdown and cut over of existing rising main to new rising main and inlet chamber for 315 & 375mm DICL
Sludge and grit transfer line in ABS / UPVC SCH80 and ductile iron pipes ranging from 80mm to 400mm
Excavation and installation of multiple Precast pump stations
Excavation and installation of large banks of electrical LV & HV, communications conduits and pits
Chemical dosing lines pits and connections
Backfill and perimeter drainage of structures
Surface stormwater drainage
Cut and fill areas
Final trim and clean up
Multiple nightwork shutdowns and connections across plant

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