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Winter Months Ahead Call For Poly Welding And HDPE Poly Welding Fabrication For Irrigation Projects

Whether electrofusion welding, butt fusion welding or extrusion welding, poly welding and HDPE Poly Welding Fabrication in general is a must for large-scale commercial landscape projects and golf course applications. Furthermore, it’s advantageous for project locations where water is scarce or limited.  

Evolve With The Seasons For Year-Long Top Results

Irrigation pipe products and fabrication continues to evolve with industry aims to create more efficient systems, quicker and easier installations as well as the continual achievement of goals and project results for the installer and end-user. Joining this evolution for better results in the construction and civil sector, high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, particularly in commercial landscape and golf course applications, is leading the way, with popular opinion recommending HDPE Poly Welding Fabrication for landscape and irrigation projects, and other similar projects and applications. 

HDPE Poly Welding Fabrication offers the following benefits for large-scale commercial landscape projects and golf course applications:

  • Flexibility in cold temperatures
  • Elimination of fittings and points of failure and pressure.
  • Pipe pressure requirement is met with less material
  • Pipe dimensions are reduced, becoming more flexible and easier to install. 
  • As a green product, HDPE and poly welding is environmentally friendly
  • Poly welding boasts high durability and is chemical resistant and non-corrosive
  • High quality structure makes for leak-free pipes
  • High moisture resistance and low cost
  • Its lightweight structure allows for easy installation

Furthermore, available in thick-walled, dense pipes measuring 2 inches wide and larger, HDPE pipe doesn’t require fittings, but rather is heated up and welded together. It is these differences from other piping fabrication solutions on the market which make HDPE and poly welding ideal for irrigation system main lines – with all these benefits working together to significantly reduce the risk of breaks or cracks. 

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Blue Mountains Pipe and Civil have dedicated poly welding crews & equipment to service projects of all sizes & complexities. From irrigation to major infrastructure projects, our staff is trained and equipped to undertake HDPE pipeline projects for HDPE Butt-Welding and Pipe Fabrication; Electrofusion Welding or Extrusion Welding. For a free quote on your next HDPE Poly Welding Fabrication project, email us on or call 02 4744 1444.