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The Economic Recovery Potential Of Infrastructure: Building Opportunities For Everyone

Australia’s economy has been impacted by the current global pandemic. Markets remain fearful of the unquantifiable, full cost and time implications. 

We all need a light at the end of the tunnel and as a civil contractor we are proud to say that that light is called: infrastructure.

Growth Stimulus

Infrastructure has a proven and critical role to play in Australia’s economic recovery. Certainly focus on health, hunger and economic collapse are prioritised but stimulus packages are likely to include key sectors such as transport, telecoms, hi-tech, healthcare and clean energy.

Our fellow civil contractors, engineers and esteemed clients have a responsibility to ensure that the infrastructure we build is saturated with longevity, planet health benefits and human health benefits.

Infrastructure projects have proven over the centuries to be an important pillar of economic recovery via their ‘multiplier’ effect. One of the biggest threats to infrastructure projects and, therefore, unemployment and economic growth is the pipeline process of approvals. Yes, designs must respect environmental requirements, labour must be Fair Trade and no bribery must affect contract awards but that shouldn’t cause the six month to two year pipeline process.


Civil contractors recommend that infrastructure investors act with haste. Speed up contract award process, let preparation for tender documentation start now and let it all be done virtually. Fasttrack planning and environmental approvals so projects can prepare for procurement.

Another contemporary approach is to allow design-build so projects start sooner. Digital delivery also adds to efficiencies. Infrastructure projects and economies also benefit if adhoc proposals are welcomed and all sectors are involved in financing projects.

If comprehensive infrastructure stimulus program plans exist then each prioritised Australian dollar spent will have even more compounded benefits. Infrastructure spending should incorporate a full asset lifecycle approach and a balancing of ready-to-start projects with strategic priorities. 

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