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Civil Construction Company Accreditation Ensures High Standards At All Times

The civil construction industry is seeing a rise in smaller civil construction company numbers as well as non-accredited companies, contractors and providers. In a sector that demands nothing less than the highest standards of skills, workmanship and services, compliance to industry regulations is key as well as the sustaining of these criteria. While many in this field will know of the appropriate accreditations and required certifications and prerequisites, many have yet to become accredited. 

It Is Necessary For All

As every civil construction company will know, accreditation is not cheap, nor is it quick to complete, with specific criteria making the process difficult. However, accreditation is necessary. For all in this sector.

According to a formal document published by the Civil Contractors Federation (CFF). “In the civil sector; where AS4801 Certification is a general prerequisite and contains some 33 audit criteria; the OFSC Audit Criteria (2012 version) contains some 58 general audit criteria, and a further 49 audit criteria; or 107 in total, for aspects that are specific to typical civil construction. For those companies undertaking specialist works, there is potential to add additional audit criteria to the system requirements.” 

Meeting accreditation criteria is one thing. It’s hard graft with a plethora of audits, assessments and inspections done. But then sustaining this high standard and ensuring compliance across all projects, year upon year, is another difficult path to walk. However, like the civil construction companies who have successfully achieved accreditation, and maintained this high level of expertise, service, skills and operations, those setting out to follow them can also achieve the same accreditation. And they should.

With Every Accreditation, The Industry Becomes Better And Better

An industry like ours demands that every business keeps up with regulations, standards and an ideal of perfection. A benchmark for all to aspire to, leveling the quality and compliance field will reduce the possibility of accredited companies losing out on business that is directed to those who have not followed accreditation protocol. A common agreement should be made that all clients, partners and individuals come together to fight for 100% adherence to everything that should be expected by our profession, by our industry. Then, being held accountable and responsible, every company will then operate to a high level that then boosts the industry and its reputation. 

BMP Civil Calls For The Highest Standard For All, And For All To Expect Nothing But The Best 

We invite all who seek our services to put our accreditations and qualifications to the test. We invite all who provide services in our industry to partner with us – to partner on a mission to further build an industry that deserves an unshakable reputation of quality, skill and expertise. For more information, click here: