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The Importance of Proper Civil Drainage Solutions

When working on a civil construction project, precise planning and attention need to be paid to implementing a proper drainage system. Unfortunately, this is something that is often overlooked and can have disastrous consequences. Let’s have a look at some of the factors of consideration when it comes to civil drainage solutions.  How it Works  […]

How A Pump Station Upgrade Can Reduce Operating Costs

As a professional civil works construction company, we have performed dozens of pump station upgrades in NSW and have seen first-hand the advantages associated with pump station upgrades. Data shows that pump station upgrades can definitely reduce overall operation costs, making an upgrade well worth the investment. Prevent Breakages When a breakage or equipment malfunction […]

3 Types Of Polyethylene Welding & Their Uses

Polyethylene welding, sometimes simply referred to as plastic welding, is commonly used by civil works contractors in Australia and around the world. The 3 most common types include butt welding, electrofusion welding, and extrusion welding. As your local experienced polyethylene welding experts in NSW, we offer all three of these polyethylene welding types, and in […]