Polyethylene Welding

3 Types Of Polyethylene Welding & Their Uses

Polyethylene welding, sometimes simply referred to as plastic welding, is commonly used by civil works contractors in Australia and around the world. The 3 most common types include butt welding, electrofusion welding, and extrusion welding.

As your local experienced polyethylene welding experts in NSW, we offer all three of these polyethylene welding types, and in this article, we’ll shed a bit of light on each of them.

Butt Welding

Butt welding makes use of hydraulic jacks, hot plates, and aligners and is able to join together two pieces of piping. It is one of the simplest forms of polyethylene welding and is one of the most commonly used in civil works construction. At BMP Civil, we specialise in HDPE butt welding, as well as fabrication.  The walls that are joined should always have the same thickness for successful results.


  • Sewage pipes
  • Chemical industry pipes
  • Water & gas pipes
  • Electrical conduits

Electrofusion Welding

The electrofusion welding process makes use of a resistive heating coil inside a moulded socket fitting. When these special fittings join together, they complete the process of electrofusion. Electrofusion is most commonly used for HDPE and MDPE plastics.

This method offers a wide range of practical advantages. It is mostly used for repairs and situations in which space is cramped, and it is difficult to reach the pipe in question. One of the other major benefits is that it does not require an operator, thus eliminating a lot of the danger involved.

Extrusion Welding

This type of polyethylene welding makes use of welding rods and advanced machines and torches to weld together plastic material. Extrusion welding offers very specific solutions to civil works construction workers and is very much commonplace in the industry.

Great care needs to be taken to prevent voids from occurring in the weld. This method is commonly used for the repair and fabrication of pipelines worldwide. 

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